Class JcrEngine

  extended by org.jboss.dna.repository.DnaEngine
      extended by org.jboss.dna.jcr.JcrEngine

public class JcrEngine
extends DnaEngine

The basic component that encapsulates the JBoss DNA services, including the Repository instances.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 JcrRepository getRepository(String repositoryName)
          Get the Repository implementation for the named repository.
 Set<String> getRepositoryNames()
          Get the names of each of the JCR repositories.
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Method Detail


public final JcrRepository getRepository(String repositoryName)
                                  throws javax.jcr.RepositoryException
Get the Repository implementation for the named repository.

repositoryName - the name of the repository, which corresponds to the name of a configured RepositorySource
the named repository instance
IllegalArgumentException - if the repository name is null, blank or invalid
javax.jcr.RepositoryException - if there is no repository with the specified name
IllegalStateException - if this engine was not started


public Set<String> getRepositoryNames()
Get the names of each of the JCR repositories.

the immutable names of the repositories that exist at the time this method is called

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