Interface Summary
JavaSourceCndDefinition JavaSourceCndDefinition defines each elements and sub elements, that must be found in the java source cnd document.

Class Summary
AbstractJavaMetadata Abstract definition of a JavaMetadata.
ArrayTypeFieldMetadataSequencer Sequencer for array types.
CompilationUnitParser The Parser, that process the a compilation unit.
JavaMetadataSequencer A Java sequencer that processes a compilation unit, extracts the meta data for the compilation unit, and then writes these informations to the repository.
MethodMetadataSequencer Sequencer for a MethodMetadata.
ParameterizedTypeFieldMetadataSequencer Sequencer for all paths of a ParameterizedTypeFieldMetadata.
SimpleTypeMetadataSequencer The sequencer of the SimpleTypeFieldMetadata
VariableSequencer Sequencer for variabels.

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