Package org.modeshape.connector.meta.jdbc

Interface Summary
MetadataCollector The MetadataCollector provides hooks for DBMS-specific implementations of metadata retrieval methods.

Class Summary
ColumnMetadata Container for column-level metadata.
JdbcMetadataCollector Default MetadataCollector implementation that uses the built-in JDBC support for collecting database metadata.
JdbcMetadataI18n The internationalized string constants for the org.modeshape.connector.meta.jdbc.
JdbcMetadataLexicon The namespace and property names used within a JdbcMetadataSource to store internal information.
ProcedureMetadata Container for column-level metadata.
SqlServerMetadataCollector The Microsoft SQL Server JDBC drivers return a list of users from the DatabaseMetaData.getSchemas() method instead of the actual schemas.
TableMetadata Container for table-level metadata.

Exception Summary
JdbcMetadataException Thrown to indicate that there was a failure while attempting to retrieve metadata

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