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Packages that use Serializer.ReferenceValues The classes that define the utility JPA entities that are not part of any storage model. 

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Fields in declared as Serializer.ReferenceValues
static Serializer.ReferenceValues Serializer.NO_REFERENCES_VALUES

Methods in with parameters of type Serializer.ReferenceValues
 Object[] Serializer.deserializePropertyValues(ObjectInputStream stream, Name propertyName, boolean skip, Serializer.LargeValues largeValues, Serializer.LargeValues skippedLargeValues, Serializer.ReferenceValues references)
          Deserialize the serialized property on the supplied object stream.
 int Serializer.reserializeProperties(ObjectInputStream input, ObjectOutputStream output, Map<Name,Property> updatedProperties, Serializer.LargeValues largeValues, Serializer.LargeValues removedLargeValues, Set<Name> createdProperties, Serializer.ReferenceValues references)
          Deserialize the existing properties from the supplied input stream, update the properties, and then serialize the updated properties to the output stream.
 void Serializer.serializeProperties(ObjectOutputStream stream, int number, Iterable<Property> properties, Serializer.LargeValues largeValues, Serializer.ReferenceValues references)
          Serialize the properties' values to the object stream.
 boolean Serializer.serializeProperty(ObjectOutputStream stream, Property property, Serializer.LargeValues largeValues, Serializer.ReferenceValues references)
          Serialize the property's values to the object stream.

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