Package org.modeshape.repository

The components and services that make up the ModeShape repository engine.


Interface Summary
ModeShapeConfiguration.ChooseClass<ComponentClassType,ReturnType> The interface used to configure the class used for a component.
ModeShapeConfiguration.HasName Interface for a component that has a name.
ModeShapeConfiguration.LoadedFrom<ReturnType> Interface for specifying from where the component's class is to be loaded.
ModeShapeConfiguration.MimeTypeDetectorDefinition<ReturnType> Interface used to set up and define a MIME type detector instance.
ModeShapeConfiguration.PathExpressionOutput<ReturnType> Interface used to specify the output path expression for a sequencer configuration.
ModeShapeConfiguration.Removable<ReturnType> Interface that defines the ability to remove the configuration component.
ModeShapeConfiguration.RepositorySourceDefinition<ReturnType> Interface used to set up and define a RepositorySource instance.
ModeShapeConfiguration.Returnable<ReturnType> Interface that defines the ability to obtain the configuration component.
ModeShapeConfiguration.SequencerDefinition<ReturnType> Interface used to set up and define a sequencer instance.
ModeShapeConfiguration.SetDescription<ReturnType> The interface used to set a description on a component.
ModeShapeConfiguration.SetProperties<ReturnType> Interface for configuring the JavaBean-style properties of an object.

Class Summary
ModeShapeConfiguration A configuration builder for a ModeShapeEngine.
ModeShapeConfiguration.ConfigurationDefinition Representation of the current configuration content.
ModeShapeEngine A single instance of the ModeShape services, which is obtained after setting up the configuration.
ModeShapeLexicon A lexicon of names used within ModeShape.
RepositoryI18n The internationalized string constants for the org.modeshape.repository* packages.
RepositoryLibrary A library of RepositorySource instances and the RepositoryConnectionPool used to manage the connections for each.
RepositoryService A service that manages the RepositorySourcees defined within a configuration repository.
SimpleRepositoryContext A simple, immutable RepositoryContext implementation that uses the references supplied as parameters to the constructor.

Exception Summary
ModeShapeConfigurationException A runtime exception that denotes an error within the configuration for ModeShape.

Package org.modeshape.repository Description

The components and services that make up the ModeShape repository engine. To use, first create a ModeShapeConfiguration to represent the desired configuration, and then use the configuration to build a ModeShapeEngine instance. This engine must be started, used to obtain graph instances, and then shutdown when no longer needed.

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