Uses of Interface

Packages that use JavaSourceCndDefinition The classes that make up the Java source file sequencer. 

Uses of JavaSourceCndDefinition in

Classes in that implement JavaSourceCndDefinition
 class ArrayTypeFieldMetadataSequencer
          Sequencer for array types.
 class JavaMetadataSequencer
          A Java sequencer that processes a compilation unit, extracts the meta data for the compilation unit, and then writes these informations to the repository.
 class MethodMetadataSequencer
          Sequencer for a MethodMetadata.
 class ParameterizedTypeFieldMetadataSequencer
          Sequencer for all paths of a ParameterizedTypeFieldMetadata.
 class SimpleTypeMetadataSequencer
          The sequencer of the SimpleTypeFieldMetadata
 class VariableSequencer
          Sequencer for variabels.

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