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Packages that use PathExpression.Matcher Nodes in a graph contain properties, and this package defines the interfaces, classes and exceptions for representing and working with properties and their values. 
org.modeshape.repository.sequencer The classes that make up the sequencing service and its configuration. 

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Methods in that return PathExpression.Matcher
 PathExpression.Matcher PathExpression.matcher(String absolutePath)
          Obtain a Matcher that can be used to convert the supplied absolute path (with repository name and workspace name) into an output repository, and output workspace name, and output path.

Uses of PathExpression.Matcher in org.modeshape.repository.sequencer

Constructors in org.modeshape.repository.sequencer with parameters of type PathExpression.Matcher
SequencerPathExpression.Matcher(PathExpression.Matcher inputMatcher, PathExpression.RepositoryPath outputPath)

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