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org.modeshape.graph.query The Query API provides a mechanism for building and executing queries. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.model The Abstract Query Model is a vocabulary that can be used to construct a language-neutral representation of a query. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.parse This package defines the QueryParser interface, which defines a component that can parse a query represented in a specific language and produce the corresponding abstract query model representation. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.process This package defines the QueryProcessor interface, which is responsible for constructing for each query a tree of ProcessingComponent objects that each are responsible for processing a specific aspect of the query and returning the tuples to the parent component. 
org.modeshape.jcr.xpath The components used to parse JCR XPath queries and translate them into equivalent JCR-SQL2 queries. An implementation of the SearchEngine interface that uses the Lucene library. 

Uses of Operator in org.modeshape.graph.query

Fields in org.modeshape.graph.query declared as Operator
protected  Operator QueryBuilder.RightHandSide.operator

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query with parameters of type Operator
 QueryBuilder.RightHandSide operator)
          Define the operator that will be used in the comparison, returning an interface that can be used to define the right-hand-side of the comparison.
 QueryBuilder.ConstraintBuilder operator, Object literalOrSubquery)
          Define the right-hand-side of the constraint using the supplied operator.
 QueryBuilder.ConstraintBuilder operator, QueryCommand subquery)
          Define the right-hand-side of the constraint using the supplied operator.
 QueryBuilder.ConstraintBuilder operator, Subquery subquery)
          Define the right-hand-side of the constraint using the supplied operator.
 QueryBuilder.ConstraintBuilder QueryBuilder.ComparisonBuilder.isVariable(Operator operator, String variableName)
          Define the right-hand-side of the constraint using the supplied operator.

Constructors in org.modeshape.graph.query with parameters of type Operator
QueryBuilder.RightHandSide(QueryBuilder.ComparisonBuilder comparisonBuilder, Operator operator)

Uses of Operator in org.modeshape.graph.query.model

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.model that return Operator
static Operator Operator.forSymbol(String symbol)
          Attempt to find the Operator given a symbol.
 Operator Comparison.operator()
          Get the operator for this comparison
 Operator Operator.reverse()
          Get the equivalent operator if the operands are to be reversed.
static Operator Operator.valueOf(String name)
          Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
static Operator[] Operator.values()
          Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.

Constructors in org.modeshape.graph.query.model with parameters of type Operator
Comparison(DynamicOperand operand1, Operator operator, StaticOperand operand2)

Uses of Operator in org.modeshape.graph.query.parse

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.parse that return Operator
protected  Operator SqlQueryParser.parseComparisonOperator(TokenStream tokens)

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.parse with parameters of type Operator
protected  Comparison SqlQueryParser.comparison(DynamicOperand left, Operator operator, StaticOperand right)

Uses of Operator in org.modeshape.graph.query.process

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.process with parameters of type Operator
protected  SelectComponent.ConstraintChecker SelectComponent.createChecker(TypeSystem types, Schemata schemata, QueryResults.Columns columns, ProcessingComponent.DynamicOperation dynamicOperation, Operator operator, StaticOperand staticOperand)

Uses of Operator in org.modeshape.jcr.query

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.query with parameters of type Operator
protected  JcrComparison JcrSql2QueryParser.comparison(DynamicOperand left, Operator operator, StaticOperand right)

Uses of Operator in org.modeshape.jcr.query.qom

Constructors in org.modeshape.jcr.query.qom with parameters of type Operator
JcrComparison(JcrDynamicOperand operand1, Operator operator, JcrStaticOperand operand2)

Uses of Operator in org.modeshape.jcr.xpath

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.xpath that return Operator
 Operator XPath.Comparison.getOperator()
protected  Operator XPathParser.parseGeneralComp(TokenStream tokens)

Constructors in org.modeshape.jcr.xpath with parameters of type Operator
XPath.Comparison(XPath.Component left, Operator operator, XPath.Component right)

Uses of Operator in

Methods in with parameters of type Operator AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.AbstractLuceneProcessor.QueryFactory.createQuery(DynamicOperand left, Operator operator, StaticOperand right)
    AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.AbstractLuceneProcessor.QueryFactory.createQuery(DynamicOperand left, Operator operator, StaticOperand right, boolean caseSensitive)
    LuceneSearchSession.findNodesWith(Length propertyLength, Operator operator, Object value)
    AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession.findNodesWith(Length propertyLength, Operator operator, Object value)
    LuceneSearchSession.findNodesWith(NodeDepth depthConstraint, Operator operator, Object value)
    AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession.findNodesWith(NodeDepth depthConstraint, Operator operator, Object value)
    LuceneSearchSession.findNodesWith(NodeLocalName nodeName, Operator operator, Object value, boolean caseSensitive)
    AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession.findNodesWith(NodeLocalName nodeName, Operator operator, Object value, boolean caseSensitive)
    LuceneSearchSession.findNodesWith(NodeName nodeName, Operator operator, Object value, boolean caseSensitive)
    AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession.findNodesWith(NodeName nodeName, Operator operator, Object value, boolean caseSensitive)
    LuceneSearchSession.findNodesWith(NodePath nodePath, Operator operator, Object value, boolean caseSensitive)
    AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession.findNodesWith(NodePath nodePath, Operator operator, Object value, boolean caseSensitive)
    LuceneSearchSession.findNodesWith(PropertyValue propertyValue, Operator operator, Object value, boolean caseSensitive)
    AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession.findNodesWith(PropertyValue propertyValue, Operator operator, Object value, boolean caseSensitive)
    LuceneSearchSession.findNodesWith(ReferenceValue referenceValue, Operator operator, Object value)
   AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession.findNodesWith(ReferenceValue referenceValue, Operator operator, Object value)

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