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Packages that use PropertyValue
org.modeshape.graph.query.model The Abstract Query Model is a vocabulary that can be used to construct a language-neutral representation of a query. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.parse This package defines the QueryParser interface, which defines a component that can parse a query represented in a specific language and produce the corresponding abstract query model representation. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.plan This package defines the Planner interface, the CanonicalPlanner implementation, and the PlanNode class that is used to represent a canonical query plan. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.validate This package provides the interfaces that define the tables and columns that can be queried. 
org.modeshape.jcr.query.qom An implementation of the SearchEngine interface that uses the Lucene library. 

Uses of PropertyValue in org.modeshape.graph.query.model

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.model that return PropertyValue
 PropertyValue Length.propertyValue()
          Get the property value whose length is being constrained.

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.model with parameters of type PropertyValue
 void Visitors.AbstractVisitor.visit(PropertyValue obj)
 void Visitors.WalkAllVisitor.visit(PropertyValue propertyValue)
 void Visitors.ReadableVisitor.visit(PropertyValue value)
 void Visitor.visit(PropertyValue obj)

Constructors in org.modeshape.graph.query.model with parameters of type PropertyValue
Length(PropertyValue propertyValue)
          Create a dynamic operand that evaluates to the length of the supplied property values.

Uses of PropertyValue in org.modeshape.graph.query.parse

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.parse that return PropertyValue
protected  PropertyValue SqlQueryParser.parsePropertyValue(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)
protected  PropertyValue SqlQueryParser.propertyValue(SelectorName selector, String propertyName)

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.parse with parameters of type PropertyValue
protected  Length SqlQueryParser.length(PropertyValue propertyValue)

Uses of PropertyValue in org.modeshape.graph.query.plan

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.plan with parameters of type PropertyValue
 void PlanUtil.RequiredColumnVisitor.visit(PropertyValue value)

Uses of PropertyValue in org.modeshape.graph.query.validate

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.validate with parameters of type PropertyValue
 void Validator.visit(PropertyValue obj)

Uses of PropertyValue in org.modeshape.jcr.query

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.query with parameters of type PropertyValue
protected  Length JcrSql2QueryParser.length(PropertyValue propertyValue)

Uses of PropertyValue in org.modeshape.jcr.query.qom

Subclasses of PropertyValue in org.modeshape.jcr.query.qom
 class JcrPropertyValue
          Implementation of the property value dynamic operand for the JCR Query Object Model and the Graph API.

Uses of PropertyValue in

Methods in with parameters of type PropertyValue LuceneSearchSession.findNodesWith(PropertyValue propertyValue, Operator operator, Object value, boolean caseSensitive)
    AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession.findNodesWith(PropertyValue propertyValue, Operator operator, Object value, boolean caseSensitive)
    LuceneSearchSession.findNodesWithNumericRange(PropertyValue propertyValue, Object lowerValue, Object upperValue, boolean includesLower, boolean includesUpper)
    AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession.findNodesWithNumericRange(PropertyValue propertyValue, Object lowerValue, Object upperValue, boolean includesLower, boolean includesUpper)

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