Package org.modeshape.jdbc.util

Interface Summary
LocalizationRepository A repository of localized property files used by the internationalization framework.
TextDecoder Interface for components that can decode text.
TextEncoder Interface for components that can encode text.

Class Summary
CheckArg Utility class that checks arguments to methods.
ClasspathLocalizationRepository Implementation of a LocalizationRepository that loads a properties file from the classpath of the supplied class loader.
ClassUtil Static utilities for working with classes.
Collections A set of utilities for more easily creating various kinds of collections.
I18n An internalized string object, which manages the initialization of internationalization (i18n) files, substitution of values within i18n message placeholders, and dynamically reading properties from i18n property files.
IoUtil A set of utilities for more easily performing I/O.
Logger A simple logging interface that is fully compatible with multiple logging implementations.
StringUtil Utilities for string processing and manipulation.
TimestampWithTimezone Utility methods for SQL Timestamps, Time, and Dates with time zones as UTC This is intended to take incoming Strings or Dates that have accurate Calendar fields and give the UTC time by interpretting those fields in the target time zone.
UnmodifiableProperties An immutable Properties implementation.
UrlEncoder An encoder useful for converting text to be used within a URL, as defined by Section 2.3 of RFC 2396.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
SystemFailureException A generic runtime exception representing a catastrophic and/or unrecoverable failure of the system.

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