Class AbstractLuceneSearchEngine<WorkspaceType extends SearchEngineWorkspace,ProcessorType extends SearchEngineProcessor>

  extended by<WorkspaceType,ProcessorType>
      extended by<WorkspaceType,ProcessorType>
Type Parameters:
WorkspaceType - the type of workspace
ProcessorType - type type of processor
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public abstract class AbstractLuceneSearchEngine<WorkspaceType extends SearchEngineWorkspace,ProcessorType extends SearchEngineProcessor>
extends AbstractSearchEngine<WorkspaceType,ProcessorType>

An abstract SearchEngine implementation that is set up to use the Lucene library. This provides an abstract Processor base class that has some commonly-needed methods, simplifying the implementation. However, this class does not presume any number or layout of the Lucene indexes, and requires a subclass to do that.

Nested Class Summary
protected static class AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.AbstractLuceneProcessor<WorkspaceType extends SearchEngineWorkspace,SessionType extends AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession>
          Abstract SearchEngineProcessor implementation for the AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.
static class AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.TupleCollector
protected static interface AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession
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AbstractSearchEngine.SearchWorkspaces, AbstractSearchEngine.Workspaces<WorkspaceType extends SearchEngineWorkspace>
Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
protected AbstractLuceneSearchEngine(String sourceName, RepositoryConnectionFactory connectionFactory, boolean verifyWorkspaceInSource)
          Create a SearchEngine instance that uses Lucene.
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createProcessor, createProcessor, createWorkspace, getConnectionFactory, getSourceName, graph, isVerifyWorkspaceInSource
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Constructor Detail


protected AbstractLuceneSearchEngine(String sourceName,
                                     RepositoryConnectionFactory connectionFactory,
                                     boolean verifyWorkspaceInSource)
Create a SearchEngine instance that uses Lucene.

sourceName - the name of the source that this engine will search over
connectionFactory - the factory for making connections to the source
verifyWorkspaceInSource - true if the workspaces are to be verified using the source, or false if this engine is used in a way such that all workspaces are known to exist
IllegalArgumentException - if any of the parameters are null

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