Class ScoreQuery

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Serializable, Cloneable

public class ScoreQuery

A Lucene Query implementation that is used to apply a FullTextSearchScore criteria a NOT expression of another wrapped Query object. This query implementation works by using the weight and scorer of the wrapped query to score (and return) only those documents that were not scored by the wrapped query. In other words, if the wrapped query ended up scoring any document, that document is not scored (i.e., skipped) by this query.

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Nested Class Summary
protected static class ScoreQuery.NotScorer
          A scorer for the NOT query that iterates over documents (in increasing docId order), using the given scorer implementation for the operand of the NOT.
protected  class ScoreQuery.NotWeight
          Calculates query weights and builds query scores for our NOT queries.
Field Summary
protected operand
          The operand that is being negated by this query.
Constructor Summary
ScoreQuery( operand)
          Construct a NOT(x) constraint where the 'x' operand is supplied.
Method Summary
 Object clone()
   createWeight( searcher)
 String toString(String field)
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Field Detail


protected final operand
The operand that is being negated by this query.

Constructor Detail


public ScoreQuery( operand)
Construct a NOT(x) constraint where the 'x' operand is supplied.

operand - the operand being negated
Method Detail


public createWeight( searcher)

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public Object clone()

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public String toString(String field)

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