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Packages that use CustomPropertiesFactory
org.modeshape.connector.filesystem The classes that make up the connector that accesses the files and directories on a local file system and exposes them as content in a repository. 

Uses of CustomPropertiesFactory in org.modeshape.connector.filesystem

Classes in org.modeshape.connector.filesystem that implement CustomPropertiesFactory
 class BasePropertiesFactory
          A base class for CustomPropertiesFactory implementations that handle "extra" or "custom" properties for 'nt:file', 'nt:folder', or 'nt:resource' nodes.
 class IgnoreProperties
          A CustomPropertiesFactory implementation that ignores the "extra" or "custom" properties for 'nt:file', 'nt:folder', and 'nt:resource' nodes.
 class LogProperties
          A CustomPropertiesFactory implementation that logs information about the "extra" or "custom" properties for 'nt:file', 'nt:folder', and 'nt:resource' nodes.
 class StoreProperties
          A CustomPropertiesFactory implementation that stores "extra" or "custom" properties for 'nt:file', 'nt:folder', and 'nt:resource' nodes in a separate file that is named the same as the original but with a different extension.
 class ThrowProperties
          A CustomPropertiesFactory implementation that throws an exception when attempting to store the "extra" or "custom" properties for 'nt:file', 'nt:folder', and 'nt:resource' nodes.

Fields in org.modeshape.connector.filesystem with type parameters of type CustomPropertiesFactory
protected static Map<String,CustomPropertiesFactory> FileSystemSource.EXTRA_PROPERTIES_CLASSNAME_BY_KEY

Methods in org.modeshape.connector.filesystem that return CustomPropertiesFactory
 CustomPropertiesFactory FileSystemSource.getCustomPropertiesFactory()
          Get the factory that is used to create custom properties on "nt:folder", "nt:file", and "nt:resource" nodes.

Methods in org.modeshape.connector.filesystem with parameters of type CustomPropertiesFactory
 void FileSystemSource.setCustomPropertiesFactory(CustomPropertiesFactory customPropertiesFactory)
          Set the factory that is used to create custom properties on "nt:folder", "nt:file", and "nt:resource" nodes.

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