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Next -
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public static interface Graph.Clone<Next>
extends Graph.FromWorkspace<Graph.AsChild<Graph.Into<Graph.WithUuids<Next>>>>

The interface for defining a branch of nodes to be cloned and the location where the clone is to be placed. Cloning a branch differs from copying a branch in that:

  1. Nodes can be copied within the same workspace or to another workspace; cloned nodes must be copied from one workspace into another.
  2. Copied nodes always get new UUIDs; cloned nodes always maintain their UUIDs and hence must define the behavior that occurs if a node with the same UUID already exists in the new workspace.
  3. Nodes can be copied to a specific name under a specific parent, but can only be added as a new child node at the end of the new parent's children; nodes can be cloned to an exact location among the parent's children, replacing the existing node at that location.

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