Interface PathWorkspace.ChangeCommand<NodeType extends PathNode>

Type Parameters:
NodeType - the type of node against which this change should apply
All Known Implementing Classes:
SvnWorkspace.SvnCommand, SvnWorkspace.SvnCompositeCommand, SvnWorkspace.SvnPutContentCommand, SvnWorkspace.SvnPutFileCommand, SvnWorkspace.SvnPutFolderCommand, SvnWorkspace.SvnRemoveCommand
Enclosing class:
PathWorkspace<NodeType extends PathNode>

public static interface PathWorkspace.ChangeCommand<NodeType extends PathNode>

A specific operation that mutates the underlying persistent repository.

Method Summary
 void apply()
          Make the change represented by this command permanent.

Method Detail


void apply()
Make the change represented by this command permanent.

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