Uses of Interface

Packages that use ObservationBus
org.modeshape.graph.observe The Observation API provides several mechanisms for asynchronously observing changes to content. 
org.modeshape.repository The components and services that make up ModeShape's lower-level graph engine, which is used within its JCR Engine. 

Uses of ObservationBus in org.modeshape.clustering

Classes in org.modeshape.clustering that implement ObservationBus
 class ClusteredObservationBus
          An implementation of a cluster-aware ObservationBus.

Uses of ObservationBus in org.modeshape.graph.observe

Classes in org.modeshape.graph.observe that implement ObservationBus
 class LocalObservationBus
          A simple Observer that is itself Observable.

Uses of ObservationBus in org.modeshape.repository

Constructors in org.modeshape.repository with parameters of type ObservationBus
RepositoryLibrary(RepositorySource configurationSource, String configurationWorkspaceName, Path pathToSourcesConfigurationRoot, ExecutionContext context, ObservationBus observationBus)
          Create a new manager instance.
RepositoryService(RepositorySource configurationSource, String configurationWorkspaceName, Path pathToConfigurationRoot, ExecutionContext context, ObservationBus observationBus, Problems problems)
          Create a service instance, reading the configuration describing new RepositorySource instances from the supplied configuration repository.

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