Interface DynamicOperand

All Superinterfaces:
LanguageObject, Serializable, Visitable
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
ArithmeticOperand, FullTextSearchScore, JcrArithmeticOperand, JcrFullTextSearchScore, JcrLength, JcrLowerCase, JcrNodeDepth, JcrNodeLocalName, JcrNodeName, JcrNodePath, JcrPropertyValue, JcrReferenceValue, JcrUpperCase, Length, LowerCase, NodeDepth, NodeLocalName, NodeName, NodePath, PropertyValue, ReferenceValue, UpperCase

public interface DynamicOperand
extends LanguageObject

A dynamic operand used in a Comparison constraint.

Method Summary
 Set<SelectorName> selectorNames()
          Get the selector symbols to which this operand applies.
Methods inherited from interface org.modeshape.graph.query.model.Visitable

Method Detail


Set<SelectorName> selectorNames()
Get the selector symbols to which this operand applies.

the immutable ordered set of non-null selector names used by this operand; never null and never empty

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