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Packages that use SelectComponent.Analyzer
org.modeshape.graph.query.process This package defines the QueryProcessor interface, which is responsible for constructing for each query a tree of ProcessingComponent objects that each are responsible for processing a specific aspect of the query and returning the tuples to the parent component. 

Uses of SelectComponent.Analyzer in org.modeshape.graph.query.process

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.process that return SelectComponent.Analyzer
protected  SelectComponent.Analyzer QueryProcessor.createAnalyzer(QueryContext context)
          Create an SelectComponent.Analyzer implementation that should be used by the non-access ProcessingComponents that evaluate criteria.

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.process with parameters of type SelectComponent.Analyzer
protected abstract  ProcessingComponent QueryProcessor.createAccessComponent(QueryCommand originalQuery, QueryContext context, PlanNode accessNode, QueryResults.Columns resultColumns, SelectComponent.Analyzer analyzer)
          Create the ProcessingComponent that processes a single PlanNode.Type.ACCESS branch of a query plan.
protected  SelectComponent.ConstraintChecker SelectComponent.createChecker(TypeSystem types, Schemata schemata, QueryResults.Columns columns, Constraint constraint, Map<String,Object> variables, SelectComponent.Analyzer analyzer)
          Create the constraint evaluator that is used by the SelectComponent to evaluate the supplied criteria.
protected  ProcessingComponent QueryProcessor.createComponent(QueryCommand originalQuery, QueryContext context, PlanNode node, QueryResults.Columns columns, SelectComponent.Analyzer analyzer)
          Method that is called to build up the ProcessingComponent objects that correspond to the optimized query plan.

Constructors in org.modeshape.graph.query.process with parameters of type SelectComponent.Analyzer
SelectComponent(ProcessingComponent delegate, Constraint constraint, Map<String,Object> variables, SelectComponent.Analyzer analyzer)
          Create a SELECT processing component that pass those tuples that satisfy the supplied constraint, using the supplied SelectComponent.Analyzer for the verification of the more complex/arduous constraints.

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