Class SearchableRepositorySource.ParallelConnection

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      extended by
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protected class SearchableRepositorySource.ParallelConnection
extends SearchableRepositorySource.AbstractConnection

A RepositoryConnection implementation that calls the delegate processor in a background thread, allowing the processing of the FullTextSearchRequest and AccessQueryRequest objects to be done in this thread and in parallel with other requests.

Constructor Summary
protected SearchableRepositorySource.ParallelConnection(ExecutorService executorService)
Method Summary
 void execute(ExecutionContext context, Request request)
          Execute the supplied commands against this repository source.
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Constructor Detail


protected SearchableRepositorySource.ParallelConnection(ExecutorService executorService)
Method Detail


public void execute(ExecutionContext context,
                    Request request)
             throws RepositorySourceException
Execute the supplied commands against this repository source.

context - the environment in which the commands are being executed; never null
request - the request to be executed; never null
RepositorySourceException - if there is a problem loading the node data
See Also:
RepositoryConnection.execute(org.modeshape.graph.ExecutionContext, org.modeshape.graph.request.Request)

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