Package org.modeshape.jcr.query

Interface Summary
JcrQueryContext The context in which queries are executed.

Class Summary
JcrQomQueryParser A parser for the JCR Query Object Model language.
JcrQuery Implementation of Query that represents a query command.
JcrQueryResult The results of a query.
JcrQueryResult.QueryResultNodeIterator The NodeIterator implementation returned by the JcrQueryResult.
JcrQueryResult.QueryResultRowIterator The RowIterator implementation returned by the JcrQueryResult.
JcrQueryResult.SingleSelectorQueryResultRowIterator The RowIterator implementation returned by the JcrQueryResult.
JcrSearch A Query implementation that represents a search.
JcrSql2QueryParser An specialization of the SqlQueryParser that uses a different language name that matches the JCR 2.0 specification.
JcrSqlQueryParser Parser for JCR-SQL queries that produces abstract query model (AQM) objects.
RewritePseudoColumns An optimizer rule that moves up higher in the plan any variable name property to the node immediately under a dependent query node.
XPathQueryResult QueryResult implementation for XPath results.

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