The classes that make up the metadata definitions for the Java source file sequencer.


Class Summary
AnnotationMetadata Abstract class for annotations.
ArrayTypeFieldMetadata ArrayTypeFieldMetadata represents the meta data for an array type.
ClassMetadata Class metadata.
ConstructorMetadata Constructor metadata.
EnumMetadata Metadata for Java enums.
FieldMetadata FieldMetadata is the base class of all fields.
ImportMetadata Import metadata.
ImportOnDemandMetadata On-demand import metadata.
InterfaceMetadata Interface metadata.
JavadocMetadata JavaDoc metadata.
JavaMetadata Metadata for a Java source file.
MarkerAnnotationMetadata Metadata for marker annotations.
MethodMetadata Represent the MethodMetadata
MethodTypeMemberMetadata Metadata for method type members.
ModifierMetadata Metadata for modifiers.
NormalAnnotationMetadata Metadata for normal annotations.
PackageMetadata Package meta data.
ParameterizedTypeFieldMetadata ParameterizedTypeFieldMetadata is a meta data for a parameterized type.
PrimitiveFieldMetadata FieldMetadata for primitive types
QualifiedTypeFieldMetadata QualifiedTypeFieldMetadata meta data for a qualified type.
SimpleTypeFieldMetadata SimpleTypeFieldMetadata is a meta data for simple class type reference , a simple interface type reference, or a simple type variable.
SingleImportMetadata Single-import metadata.
SingleMemberAnnotationMetadata Metadata for single member annotations.
TypeMetadata Exposes meta data of a top level type.
Variable A variable
WildcardTypeFieldMetadata WildcardTypeFieldMetadata represents meta data for wild card type.

Package Description

The classes that make up the metadata definitions for the Java source file sequencer.

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