Interface RowFactory

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public interface RowFactory

A simple interface that allows an implementer to control how rows in a text file are mapped to properties (including primary and mixin types) in the graph.

Implementations of this class must provide a public, no-argument constructor.

To use, supply the implementation class name to a AbstractTextSequencer object. New instances are created for each StreamSequencer.sequence(, SequencerOutput, StreamSequencerContext), so implementations of this interface need not be thread-safe.

Method Summary
 void recordRow(StreamSequencerContext context, SequencerOutput output, String[] columns)
          Records a row using the provided SequencerOutput instance.

Method Detail


void recordRow(StreamSequencerContext context,
               SequencerOutput output,
               String[] columns)
Records a row using the provided SequencerOutput instance.

context - the sequencer context
output - the StreamSequencer output
columns - the columns that could be parsed out for the row

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