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Packages that use ChangeObserver
org.modeshape.graph.observe The Observation API provides several mechanisms for asynchronously observing changes to content. 
org.modeshape.repository The components and services that make up ModeShape's lower-level graph engine, which is used within its JCR Engine. 
org.modeshape.repository.sequencer The classes that make up the sequencing service and its configuration. 

Uses of ChangeObserver in org.modeshape.graph.observe

Subclasses of ChangeObserver in org.modeshape.graph.observe
 class NetChangeObserver
          A specialized Observer that figures out the net changes made during a single set of changes.

Uses of ChangeObserver in org.modeshape.repository

Subclasses of ChangeObserver in org.modeshape.repository
protected  class RepositoryService.ConfigurationChangeObserver

Uses of ChangeObserver in org.modeshape.repository.sequencer

Subclasses of ChangeObserver in org.modeshape.repository.sequencer
protected  class SequencingService.RepositoryObserver

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