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Interface SetQueryObjectModel

All Superinterfaces:
Query, QueryCommand, SetQuery
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public interface SetQueryObjectModel
extends SetQuery, Query

A set query extension to the JCR query object model.

The JCR query object model describes the queries that can be evaluated by a JCR repository independent of any particular query language, such as SQL. JCR defines the QueryObjectModel interface as the primary representatino of this query object model, but this interface is not sufficient for certain queries, such as unions or intersections of other queries. This interface is an extension to the JCR API that mirrors the QueryObjectModel interface for set queries.

A query consists of:

The query object model representation of a query is created by factory methods in the QueryObjectModelFactory.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface javax.jcr.query.Query
Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.modeshape.jcr.api.query.qom.SetQuery
getLeft, getOperation, getRight, isAll
Methods inherited from interface org.modeshape.jcr.api.query.qom.QueryCommand
getColumns, getLimits, getOrderings
Methods inherited from interface javax.jcr.query.Query
bindValue, execute, getBindVariableNames, getLanguage, getStatement, getStoredQueryPath, setLimit, setOffset, storeAsNode

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