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Uses of CachedNode in org.modeshape.jcr

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr that return CachedNode
 CachedNode SystemContent.locksNode()
 CachedNode SystemContent.namespacesNode()
 CachedNode SystemContent.nodeTypesNode()
 CachedNode SystemContent.systemNode()
 CachedNode SystemContent.versionStorageNode()

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr with parameters of type CachedNode
protected  Iterable<?> SystemContent.all(CachedNode node, Name propertyName)
protected  Object SystemContent.first(CachedNode node, Name propertyName)
protected  Object SystemContent.first(CachedNode node, Name propertyName, Object defaultValue)
protected  Name SystemContent.nextNameForVersionNode(CachedNode historyNode, Property predecessors, ChildReferences historyChildren)
          Compute the name for the next version node in the given history.
protected  String JcrSession.readableLocation(CachedNode node)
protected  NodeDefinition SystemContent.readChildNodeDefinition(CachedNode childDefn)
 NodeTypeDefinition SystemContent.readNodeTypeDefinition(CachedNode nodeType)
protected  PropertyDefinition SystemContent.readPropertyDefinition(CachedNode propDefn)
 MutableCachedNode SystemContent.recordNewVersion(CachedNode versionableNode, SessionCache cacheForVersionableNode, Path versionHistoryPath, NodeKey originalVersionKey, Collection<Property> versionableProperties, DateTime now, AtomicReference<MutableCachedNode> frozenNodeOutput)
          The method efficiently updates the JCR version history and storage with a new version of a node being checked in.

Uses of CachedNode in org.modeshape.jcr.cache

Subinterfaces of CachedNode in org.modeshape.jcr.cache
 interface MutableCachedNode

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.cache that return CachedNode
 CachedNode NodeCache.getNode(ChildReference reference)
          Get the cached representation of the node as represented by the supplied child reference.
 CachedNode NodeCache.getNode(NodeKey key)
          Get the cached representation of the node with the supplied node key.

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.cache with parameters of type CachedNode
 void SessionCache.clear(CachedNode node)
          Clears all changes in the cache that are at or below the supplied node.
 void MutableCachedNode.deepClone(SessionCache cache, CachedNode sourceNode, SessionCache sourceCache)
          Clones into this node all the properties and children (deep clone) from the given source node.
 Map<NodeKey,NodeKey> MutableCachedNode.deepCopy(SessionCache cache, CachedNode sourceNode, SessionCache sourceCache)
          Copies into this node all the properties and children (deep copy) from the given source node.
protected  Set<NodeKey> AllPathsCache.getAdditionalParentKeys(CachedNode node, NodeCache cache)
 Set<NodeKey> SessionCache.getChangedNodeKeysAtOrBelow(CachedNode node)
          Returns a set with the NodeKeys of the transient nodes from this cache which are at or below the path of the given node
 Path PathCache.getPath(CachedNode node)
 Iterable<Path> AllPathsCache.getPaths(CachedNode node)
          Get all of the paths through which the specified node is accessible, including all paths based upon the node's parent (which can potentially have multiple paths) and upon the node's additional parents (which each can potentially have multiple paths).

Uses of CachedNode in org.modeshape.jcr.cache.document

Classes in org.modeshape.jcr.cache.document that implement CachedNode
 class LazyCachedNode
          This is an immutable CachedNode implementation that lazily loads its content.
 class SessionNode
          A node used within a session when that node has (or may have) transient (unsaved) changes.

Fields in org.modeshape.jcr.cache.document declared as CachedNode
protected  CachedNode SessionNode.DeepCopy.sourceNode

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.cache.document that return CachedNode
 CachedNode WorkspaceCache.getNode(ChildReference reference)
 CachedNode AbstractSessionCache.getNode(ChildReference reference)
 CachedNode WritableSessionCache.getNode(NodeKey key)
 CachedNode WorkspaceCache.getNode(NodeKey key)
 CachedNode AbstractSessionCache.getNode(NodeKey key)
protected  CachedNode SessionNode.nodeInWorkspace(AbstractSessionCache session)
          Get the CachedNode within the workspace cache.
protected  CachedNode SessionNode.parent(AbstractSessionCache session)
protected  CachedNode LazyCachedNode.parent(WorkspaceCache cache)

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.cache.document with parameters of type CachedNode
 void WritableSessionCache.clear(CachedNode node)
 void ReadOnlySessionCache.clear(CachedNode node)
protected  void SessionNode.DeepCopy.copyProperties(MutableCachedNode targetNode, CachedNode sourceNode)
protected  void SessionNode.DeepClone.copyProperties(MutableCachedNode targetNode, CachedNode sourceNode)
 void SessionNode.deepClone(SessionCache cache, CachedNode sourceNode, SessionCache sourceCache)
 Map<NodeKey,NodeKey> SessionNode.deepCopy(SessionCache cache, CachedNode sourceNode, SessionCache sourceCache)
protected  void SessionNode.DeepCopy.doPhase1(MutableCachedNode targetNode, CachedNode sourceNode)
          Perform a copy of the source tree to create a similar tree in the target session.
 Set<NodeKey> WritableSessionCache.getChangedNodeKeysAtOrBelow(CachedNode srcNode)
 Set<NodeKey> ReadOnlySessionCache.getChangedNodeKeysAtOrBelow(CachedNode node)
protected  Path.Segment SessionNode.getSegment(NodeCache cache, CachedNode parent)
          Get the segment for this node.

Constructors in org.modeshape.jcr.cache.document with parameters of type CachedNode
SessionNode.DeepClone(SessionNode targetNode, WritableSessionCache cache, CachedNode sourceNode, SessionCache sourceCache)
SessionNode.DeepCopy(SessionNode targetNode, WritableSessionCache cache, CachedNode sourceNode, SessionCache sourceCache)

Constructor parameters in org.modeshape.jcr.cache.document with type arguments of type CachedNode
WorkspaceCache(ExecutionContext context, String repositoryKey, String workspaceName, SchematicDb database, long largeValueSize, NodeKey rootKey, ConcurrentMap<NodeKey,CachedNode> cache, ChangeSetListener changeSetListener)

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