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Class BasicLuceneConfiguration

  extended by org.modeshape.jcr.query.lucene.LuceneSearchConfiguration
      extended by org.modeshape.jcr.query.lucene.basic.BasicLuceneConfiguration
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public class BasicLuceneConfiguration
extends LuceneSearchConfiguration

The Hibernate Search SearchConfiguration implementation that specifies how Hibernate Search should be configured.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
BasicLuceneConfiguration(String repositoryName, Properties backend, Properties indexing, Properties storage)
          Create a configuration for the BasicLuceneSchema.
Method Summary
protected static boolean isFileOrClasspath(String value)
 boolean isIndexMetadataComplete()
protected static boolean isJGroupsXml(String value)
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Constructor Detail


public BasicLuceneConfiguration(String repositoryName,
                                Properties backend,
                                Properties indexing,
                                Properties storage)
Create a configuration for the BasicLuceneSchema.

repositoryName - the name of the repository; may not be null
backend - the repository configuration properties for the Hibernate Search backend; may not be null
indexing - the repository configuration properties for the indexing options; may not be null
storage - the repository configuration properties for index storage options; may not be null
Method Detail


protected static boolean isFileOrClasspath(String value)


protected static boolean isJGroupsXml(String value)


public boolean isIndexMetadataComplete()

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