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Class JcrQomQueryParser

  extended by org.modeshape.jcr.query.parse.BasicSqlQueryParser
      extended by org.modeshape.jcr.query.parse.JcrSql2QueryParser
          extended by org.modeshape.jcr.query.parse.JcrQomQueryParser
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public class JcrQomQueryParser
extends JcrSql2QueryParser

A parser for the JCR Query Object Model language.

The JCR 2.0 specification does not explicitly define a textual query language or grammar for the Query Object Model (the grammar in the specification is written more in terms of the code of a Java-like language). However, per the Section 6.9 of the JCR 2.0 specification, the QueryManager.createQuery(String, String) method

"is used for languages that are string-based (i.e., most languages, such as JCR-SQL2) as well as for the for the string serializations of non-string-based languages (such as JCR- JQOM)"
Since the string serialization (that is, the toString() form) of our QueryCommand and related abstract query model objects are in fact equivalent to JCR-SQL2, this parser simply extends the JcrSql2QueryParser.

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static String LANGUAGE
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 String getLanguage()
          Get the name of the language that this parser is able to understand.
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public static final String LANGUAGE
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public JcrQomQueryParser()
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public String getLanguage()
Description copied from interface: QueryParser
Get the name of the language that this parser is able to understand.

Specified by:
getLanguage in interface QueryParser
getLanguage in class JcrSql2QueryParser
the language name; never null
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