ModeShape Distribution 3.0.0.Beta4

Class XPath

  extended by org.modeshape.jcr.query.xpath.XPath

public class XPath
extends Object

Abstract syntax components of an XPath query. The supported grammar is defined by JCR 1.0, and is a subset of what is allowed by the W3C XPath 2.0 specification.

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Nested Class Summary
static class XPath.Add
static class XPath.And
static class XPath.AnyKindTest
static class XPath.AttributeNameTest
static class XPath.AttributeTest
static class XPath.AxisStep
static class XPath.BinaryComponent
static class XPath.CommentTest
static class XPath.Comparison
static class XPath.Component
static class XPath.ContextItem
static class XPath.DescendantOrSelf
static class XPath.DocumentTest
static class XPath.ElementTest
static class XPath.Except
static class XPath.FilterStep
static class XPath.FunctionCall
static class XPath.Intersect
static class XPath.KindTest
static class XPath.Literal
static class XPath.NameTest
static class XPath.Negation
static class XPath.NodeComparison
static class XPath.NodeComparisonOperator
static class XPath.NodeTest
static class XPath.Or
static class XPath.OrderBy
static class XPath.OrderBySpec
static class XPath.ParenthesizedExpression
static class XPath.PathExpression
static class XPath.ProcessingInstructionTest
static class XPath.SchemaAttributeTest
static class XPath.SchemaElementTest
static class XPath.StepExpression
static class XPath.Subtract
static class XPath.TextTest
static class XPath.UnaryComponent
static class XPath.Union
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected static String asString(Iterable<?> components, String delimiter)
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Constructor Detail


public XPath()
Method Detail


protected static String asString(Iterable<?> components,
                                 String delimiter)

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