ModeShape Distribution 3.0.0.Beta4

Package org.modeshape.jcr.value.binary

Interface Summary
BinaryStore The basic interface for a store for Binary value objects.

Class Summary
AbstractBinary An abstract implementation of BinaryValue that provides some common capabilities for other implementations.
AbstractBinaryStore An abstract class for a BinaryStore, with common functionality needed by implementation classes.
BinaryStoreValueFactory An abstract BinaryFactory implementation that contains many general methods that are likely to be appropriate for many concrete implementations.
Database Helper class for manipulation with database.
DatabaseBinaryStore A BinaryStore implementation that uses a database for persisting binary values.
EmptyBinaryValue An empty BinaryValue value.
FileLocks A utility class that represents read and write lock for files, which internally uses FileLock to coordinate file locks with other processes.
FileSystemBinaryStore A BinaryStore that stores files in a directory on the file system.
InMemoryBinaryValue An implementation of BinaryValue that keeps the binary data in-memory.
MongodbBinaryStore A BinaryStore implementation that uses a MongoDB for persisting binary values.
NamedLocks A utility class that represents a set of named locks, allowing callers to atomically obtain a lock with a given name.
SharedLockingInputStream A InputStream implementation around a file that creates a shared lock when reading the file, ensuring the file is not changed by other writers in this or other JVM processes.
StoredBinaryValue A BinaryValue implementation that gets the content from the BinaryStore.
TransientBinaryStore A BinaryStore implementation that does not persist the binary values beyond the lifetime of the virtual machine.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
BinaryStoreException An exception in a BinaryStore.

ModeShape Distribution 3.0.0.Beta4

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