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Interface ClassFileRecorder

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public interface ClassFileRecorder

A simple interface that allows an implementer to control how class file metadata mapped to properties (including primary and mixin types) in the graph.

Implementations of this class must provide a public, no-argument constructor.

To use, supply the implementation class name to a ClassFileSequencer object. Each instance will be reused for multiple sequence calls, so implementations of this interface must be thread-safe.

Method Summary
 void recordClass(Sequencer.Context context, Node outputNode, ClassMetadata classMetadata)
          Records a row using the provided Node node.

Method Detail


void recordClass(Sequencer.Context context,
                 Node outputNode,
                 ClassMetadata classMetadata)
                 throws RepositoryException
Records a row using the provided Node node.

context - the Sequencer.Context
outputNode - the node to which the new content should be sequenced. This may either be new or existent Sequencer.execute(javax.jcr.Property, javax.jcr.Node, org.modeshape.jcr.api.sequencer.Sequencer.Context)
classMetadata - the metadata for the class file
RepositoryException - if anything fails during the recording process

ModeShape Distribution 3.0.0.Beta4

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