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org.modeshape.sequencer.ddl.datatype The classes for parsing and representing data types. 

Uses of DataType in org.modeshape.sequencer.ddl.datatype

Methods in org.modeshape.sequencer.ddl.datatype that return DataType
 DataType DataTypeParser.parse(DdlTokenStream tokens)
          Method which performs the actual parsing of the data type name and applicable values (i.e.
protected  DataType DataTypeParser.parseApproxNumericType(DdlTokenStream tokens)
          Parses SQL-92 Approximate numeric data types.
protected  DataType DataTypeParser.parseBitStringType(DdlTokenStream tokens)
          Parses SQL-92 Bit string data types.
protected  DataType DataTypeParser.parseCharStringType(DdlTokenStream tokens)
          Parses SQL-92 Character string data types.
protected  DataType DataTypeParser.parseCustomType(DdlTokenStream tokens)
          General catch-all data type parsing method that sub-classes can override to parse database-specific data types.
protected  DataType DataTypeParser.parseDateTimeType(DdlTokenStream tokens)
          Parses SQL-92 Date and Time data types.
protected  DataType DataTypeParser.parseExactNumericType(DdlTokenStream tokens)
          Parses SQL-92 Exact numeric data types.
protected  DataType DataTypeParser.parseMiscellaneousType(DdlTokenStream tokens)
          Parses SQL-92 Misc data types.
protected  DataType DataTypeParser.parseNationalCharStringType(DdlTokenStream tokens)
          Parses SQL-92 National Character string data types.

Methods in org.modeshape.sequencer.ddl.datatype with parameters of type DataType
protected  boolean DataTypeParser.canConsume(DdlTokenStream tokens, DataType dataType, boolean addSpacePrefix, int type)
protected  boolean DataTypeParser.canConsume(DdlTokenStream tokens, DataType dataType, boolean addSpacePrefix, String[] additionalStrs)
protected  boolean DataTypeParser.canConsume(DdlTokenStream tokens, DataType dataType, boolean addSpacePrefix, String initialStr, String... additionalStrs)
protected  boolean DataTypeParser.canConsumeAnyOf(DdlTokenStream tokens, DataType dataType, boolean addSpacePrefix, String initialStr, String... additionalStrs)
protected  String DataTypeParser.consume(DdlTokenStream tokens, DataType dataType, boolean addSpacePrefix)
protected  String DataTypeParser.consume(DdlTokenStream tokens, DataType dataType, boolean addSpacePrefix, String str)
protected  String DataTypeParser.consume(DdlTokenStream tokens, DataType dataType, boolean addSpacePrefix, String[] additionalStrs)
protected  String DataTypeParser.consume(DdlTokenStream tokens, DataType dataType, boolean addSpacePrefix, String initialStr, String... additionalStrs)
protected  long DataTypeParser.parseBracketedLong(DdlTokenStream tokens, DataType dataType)
          Returns a long value from the input token stream assuming the long is bracketed with parenthesis.
protected  long DataTypeParser.parseLong(DdlTokenStream tokens, DataType dataType)
          Returns a long value from the input token stream assuming the long is not bracketed with parenthesis.
 void DataTypeParser.setPropertiesOnNode(AstNode columnNode, DataType datatype)

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