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Packages that use SymbolSpace
org.modeshape.sequencer.sramp The classes that make up the S-RAMP library. 
org.modeshape.sequencer.wsdl The classes that make up the Web Service Definition Lanaguage (WSDL) 1.1 sequencer. 
org.modeshape.sequencer.xsd The classes that make up the XML Schema Document sequencer. 

Uses of SymbolSpace in org.modeshape.sequencer.sramp

Methods in org.modeshape.sequencer.sramp with parameters of type SymbolSpace
 NamespaceEntityResolver SymbolSpaceResolvers.get(SymbolSpace kind)
protected  void AbstractResolvingReader.registerForSymbolSpace(SymbolSpace symbolSpace, String namespace, String name, String identifier)
protected  String AbstractResolvingReader.setReference(Node node, String propertyName, SymbolSpace kind, String namespace, String name)

Uses of SymbolSpace in org.modeshape.sequencer.wsdl

Fields in org.modeshape.sequencer.wsdl declared as SymbolSpace
protected static SymbolSpace Wsdl11Reader.BINDINGS
protected static SymbolSpace Wsdl11Reader.MESSAGES
protected static SymbolSpace Wsdl11Reader.PORT_TYPES
protected static SymbolSpace Wsdl11Reader.PORTS
protected static SymbolSpace Wsdl11Reader.SERVICES

Methods in org.modeshape.sequencer.wsdl with parameters of type SymbolSpace
protected  void Wsdl11Reader.setReference(Node node, String propertyName, SymbolSpace space, QName name)
protected  void Wsdl11Reader.setReferenceable(Node node, SymbolSpace space, QName qname)
protected  void Wsdl11Reader.setReferenceable(Node node, SymbolSpace space, String namespace, String name)

Uses of SymbolSpace in org.modeshape.sequencer.xsd

Fields in org.modeshape.sequencer.xsd declared as SymbolSpace
static SymbolSpace XsdReader.ATTRIBUTE_DECLARATIONS
          In XML Schema, there is a distinct symbol space within each target namespace for each kind of declaration and definition component, except that within a target namespace the simple type definitions and complex type definitions share a single symbol space.
static SymbolSpace XsdReader.ELEMENT_DECLARATION
static SymbolSpace XsdReader.MODEL_GROUP_DEFINITIONS
static SymbolSpace XsdReader.TYPE_DEFINITIONS

ModeShape Distribution 3.0.0.Beta4

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