ModeShape Distribution 3.0.0.Beta4

Uses of Interface

Packages that use XmiPart
org.modeshape.sequencer.teiid.model The classes that make up the Teiid model sequencer. 
org.modeshape.sequencer.teiid.xmi The classes that make up the XMI reader used by the Teiid VDB and model sequencers. 

Uses of XmiPart in org.modeshape.sequencer.teiid.model

Methods in org.modeshape.sequencer.teiid.model with parameters of type XmiPart
protected  String ModelObjectHandler.getQName(XmiPart xmiPart)
protected  String JdbcModelObjectHandler.getQName(XmiPart xmiPart)

Uses of XmiPart in org.modeshape.sequencer.teiid.xmi

Subinterfaces of XmiPart in org.modeshape.sequencer.teiid.xmi
 interface XmiDescendent
          An XMI part that may have a parent.

Classes in org.modeshape.sequencer.teiid.xmi that implement XmiPart
 class XmiAttribute
          An attribute of an XMI element.
 class XmiBasePart
          A base implementation of a XMI part.
 class XmiElement
          An element from an XMI file.

ModeShape Distribution 3.0.0.Beta4

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