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Packages that use IResourceLocks

Uses of IResourceLocks in org.modeshape.webdav.locking

Classes in org.modeshape.webdav.locking that implement IResourceLocks
 class ResourceLocks
          simple locking management for concurrent data access, NOT the webdav locking. ( could that be used instead?

Uses of IResourceLocks in org.modeshape.webdav.methods

Methods in org.modeshape.webdav.methods with parameters of type IResourceLocks
protected  boolean AbstractMethod.isUnlocked(ITransaction transaction, HttpServletRequest req, IResourceLocks resourceLocks, String path)
          Checks if locks on resources at the given path exists and if so checks the If-Header to make sure the If-Header corresponds to the locked resource.

Constructors in org.modeshape.webdav.methods with parameters of type IResourceLocks
DoLock(IWebdavStore store, IResourceLocks resourceLocks, boolean readOnly)
DoMkcol(IWebdavStore store, IResourceLocks resourceLocks, boolean readOnly)
DoPut(IWebdavStore store, IResourceLocks resLocks, boolean readOnly, boolean lazyFolderCreationOnPut)
DoUnlock(IWebdavStore store, IResourceLocks resourceLocks, boolean readOnly)

ModeShape Distribution 3.0.0.Beta4

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