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org.jboss.netty.buffer Abstraction of a byte buffer - the fundamental data structure to represent a low-level binary and text message. 

Uses of AbstractChannelBuffer in org.jboss.netty.buffer

Subclasses of AbstractChannelBuffer in org.jboss.netty.buffer
 class BigEndianHeapChannelBuffer
          A big-endian Java heap buffer.
 class ByteBufferBackedChannelBuffer
          A NIO ByteBuffer based buffer.
 class CompositeChannelBuffer
          A virtual buffer which shows multiple buffers as a single merged buffer.
 class DuplicatedChannelBuffer
          A derived buffer which simply forwards all data access requests to its parent.
 class DynamicChannelBuffer
          A dynamic capacity buffer which increases its capacity as needed.
 class HeapChannelBuffer
          A skeletal implementation for Java heap buffers.
 class LittleEndianHeapChannelBuffer
          A little-endian Java heap buffer.
 class ReadOnlyChannelBuffer
          A derived buffer which forbids any write requests to its parent.
 class SlicedChannelBuffer
          A derived buffer which exposes its parent's sub-region only.
 class TruncatedChannelBuffer
          A derived buffer which hides its parent's tail data beyond a certain index.

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