Interface ChannelFactory

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
ClientSocketChannelFactory, DatagramChannelFactory, LocalClientChannelFactory, LocalServerChannelFactory, ServerChannelFactory, ServerSocketChannelFactory
All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultLocalClientChannelFactory, DefaultLocalServerChannelFactory, HttpTunnelingClientSocketChannelFactory, NioClientSocketChannelFactory, NioDatagramChannelFactory, NioServerSocketChannelFactory, OioClientSocketChannelFactory, OioDatagramChannelFactory, OioServerSocketChannelFactory

public interface ChannelFactory
extends ExternalResourceReleasable

The main interface to a transport that creates a Channel associated with a certain communication entity such as a network socket. For example, the NioServerSocketChannelFactory creates a channel which has a NIO-based server socket as its underlying communication entity.

Once a new Channel is created, the ChannelPipeline which was specified as a parameter in the newChannel(ChannelPipeline) is attached to the new Channel, and starts to handle all associated ChannelEvents.

Graceful shutdown

To shut down a network application service which is managed by a factory. you should follow the following steps:

  1. close all channels created by the factory and their child channels usually using ChannelGroup.close(), and
  2. call releaseExternalResources().

For detailed transport-specific information on shutting down a factory, please refer to the Javadoc of ChannelFactory's subtypes, such as NioServerSocketChannelFactory.

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Method Summary
 Channel newChannel(ChannelPipeline pipeline)
          Creates and opens a new Channel and attaches the specified ChannelPipeline to the new Channel.
 void releaseExternalResources()
          Releases the external resources that this factory depends on to function.

Method Detail


Channel newChannel(ChannelPipeline pipeline)
Creates and opens a new Channel and attaches the specified ChannelPipeline to the new Channel.

pipeline - the ChannelPipeline which is going to be attached to the new Channel
the newly open channel
ChannelException - if failed to create and open a new channel


void releaseExternalResources()
Releases the external resources that this factory depends on to function. An external resource is a resource that this factory didn't create by itself. For example, Executors that you specified in the factory constructor are external resources. You can call this method to release all external resources conveniently when the resources are not used by this factory or any other part of your application. An unexpected behavior will be resulted in if the resources are released when there's an open channel which is managed by this factory.

Specified by:
releaseExternalResources in interface ExternalResourceReleasable

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