Interface ChannelPipelineFactory

public interface ChannelPipelineFactory

Creates a new ChannelPipeline for a new Channel.

When a server-side channel accepts a new incoming connection, a new child channel is created for each newly accepted connection. A new child channel uses a new ChannelPipeline, which is created by the ChannelPipelineFactory specified in the server-side channel's "pipelineFactory" option.

Also, when a ClientBootstrap or ConnectionlessBootstrap creates a new channel, it uses the "pipelineFactory" property to create a new ChannelPipeline for each new channel.

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Method Summary
 ChannelPipeline getPipeline()
          Returns a newly created ChannelPipeline.

Method Detail


ChannelPipeline getPipeline()
                            throws Exception
Returns a newly created ChannelPipeline.


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