Package org.jboss.netty.util

Utility classes used across multiple packages.


Interface Summary
EstimatableObjectWrapper Represents an object which contains another object that needs to be taken into account by ObjectSizeEstimator for more accurate object size estimation.
ExternalResourceReleasable A common interface for a class which depends on external resources that need explicit release or shutdown.
ObjectSizeEstimator Estimates the size of an object in bytes.
ThreadNameDeterminer Overrides the thread name proposed by ThreadRenamingRunnable.
Timeout A handle associated with a TimerTask that is returned by a Timer.
Timer Schedules TimerTasks for one-time future execution in a background thread.
TimerTask A task which is executed after the delay specified with Timer.newTimeout(TimerTask, long, TimeUnit).

Class Summary
CharsetUtil A utility class that provides various common operations and constants related with Charset and its relevant classes.
DebugUtil Determines if Netty is running in a debug mode or not.
DefaultObjectSizeEstimator The default ObjectSizeEstimator implementation for general purpose.
ExternalResourceUtil A utility class that provides the convenient shutdown of ExternalResourceReleasables.
HashedWheelTimer A Timer optimized for approximated I/O timeout scheduling.
ThreadRenamingRunnable A Runnable that changes the current thread name and reverts it back when its execution ends.
Version Provides the version information of Netty.
VirtualExecutorService A delegating ExecutorService with its own termination management.

Package org.jboss.netty.util Description

Utility classes used across multiple packages.

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