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Chapter 2. Getting Started

2.1. Prerequisites
2.2. Download, Installation and Configuration
2.3. Check your Installation

The S-RAMP application is written in Java. To get started make sure your system has the following:

The s-ramp-<version>.zip (or tar.gz) archive can be downloaded from the http://www.jboss.org/overlord website. Grab the latest, extract the archive and run:

ant install

The installer will ask you to choose a runtime platform. Currently the following platforms are supported:

  • JBoss EAP 6
  • Tomcat 7

Simply follow the installer instructions to install onto the platform of your choice. We recommend installing into a clean version of which platform you choose, to minimize the risk of colliding with other projects.

Note that you must have already downloaded and installed the platform on which you wish to run, with the exception of Tomcat 7 (which the installer will download for you if you choose).

Finally, please make sure the admin password you choose (the installer will prompt you for this) contains letters, numbers, and punctuation (and is at least 8 characters long).


Read the installer output carefully - extra instructions are given for certain platforms.

Once S-RAMP is installed on your preferred platform, you should be able to go ahead and start it up. The instructions for starting the server depend on the chosen platform:

Tomcat 7


JBoss EAP 6 (standalone-full is required)

bin/standalone.sh -c standalone-full.xml

To make sure your installation works you can fire up the s-ramp-ui. You should see the GUI dashboard and be able to navigate to either the Artifacts or Ontologies management pages:

You can click on Artifacts and see a list of files related to the S-RAMP default workflows.

Alternatively you can fire up the s-ramp shell in the bin directory of the distribution:

           _____       ______  ___ ___  ________
          /  ___|      | ___ \/ _ \|  \/  | ___ \
          \ `--. ______| |_/ / /_\ \ .  . | |_/ /
           `--. \______|    /|  _  | |\/| |  __/
          /\__/ /      | |\ \| | | | |  | | |
          \____/       \_| \_\_| |_|_|  |_|_|

  JBoss S-RAMP Kurt Stam and Eric Wittmann, Licensed under the
  Apache License, V2.0, Copyright 2012

To connect the shell to the server type connect and hit the tab key. It should auto-complete to say s-ramp:connect http://localhost:8080/s-ramp-server and when hitting the return key you should be prompted for user credentials. Use admin and whatever password you entered during installation. If this succeeds, the shell cursor/prompt will go from red to green. To browse the artifacts in the repository (there will likely not be any) run the following query:

s-ramp> s-ramp:query "/s-ramp"
Querying the S-RAMP repository:
Atom Feed (0 entries)
  Idx                    Type Name
  ---                    ---- ----

In later chapters will go into more detail, but if this all worked you can be sure that your installation is in good working order.