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2.4. Events

During the authentication and logout processes PicketLink will fire a few events to indicate that an action should be taken or to indicate that user's state has changed. They provide a nice and clean way to customize behavior, like providing user statistics or enable auditing to your application.

Table 2.1. Authentication Events

Event Type Description
org.picketlink.authentication.event.PreAuthenticateEvent This event is raised just before authentication.
org.picketlink.authentication.event.LoggedInEvent This event is raised when user successfully logs in.
org.picketlink.authentication.event.PostAuthenticateEvent This event is raised just after authentication.
org.picketlink.authentication.event.AlreadyLoggedInEvent This event is fired when an already authenticated user attempts to authenticate again.
org.picketlink.authentication.event.LoginFailedEvent This event is fired when an authentication attempt fails.
org.picketlink.authentication.event.LockedAccountEvent This event is fired during the authentication process if the Account is disabled.
org.picketlink.authentication.event.PreLoggedOutEvent This event is raised just before the user un-authenticates.
org.picketlink.authentication.event.PostLoggedOutEvent This event is raised just after the user un-authenticates.
You can observe any of those events by providing a @Observer method to any bean, as follows:
public class AuthenticationAuditor {
	public void onSuccessFulLogin(@Observes LoggedInEvent event) {
		// handle user authenticated

	public void onLoginFailed(@Observes LoginFailedEvent event) {
		// login failed