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1.4.2. Identity Management

The Identity Management module defines the base identity model; a collection of interfaces and classes that represent the identity constructs (such as users, groups and roles) used throughout PicketLink (see Chapter 3, Identity Management - Overview for more details). As such, it is a required module and must always be included in any application deployments that use PicketLink for security. It also provides a uniform API for managing the identity objects within your application. The Identity Management module has been designed with minimal dependencies and may be used in a Java SE environment, however the recommended environment is Java EE in conjunction with the base module.
Libraries are as follows:
  • picketlink-idm-api - PicketLink's Identity Management (IDM) API. This library defines the Identity Model central to all of PicketLink, and all of the identity management-related interfaces.
  • picketlink-idm-impl - Internal implementation classes for the IDM API.