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1.4. Modules

1.4.1. Base module

The base module provides the integration framework required to use PicketLink within a Java EE application. It defines a flexible authentication API that allows pluggable authentication mechanisms to be easy configured, with a sensible default authentication policy that delegates to the identity management subsystem. It provides session-scoped or any-scoped authentication (eg.: request scope for stateless authentication) tracking for web applications and other session-capable clients, plus a customisable permissions SPI that supports a flexible range of authorization mechanisms for object-level security. It is the "glue" that integrates all of the PicketLink modules together to provide a cohesive API, and also provides CDI producers to allow you to inject the PicketLink API objects directly into your application's beans.
The base module libraries are as follows:
  • picketlink-api - API for PicketLink's base module.
  • picketlink-impl - Internal implementation classes for the base API.