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5.2. Managing Users, Groups and Roles

PicketLink IDM provides a number of basic implementations of the identity model interfaces for convenience, in the org.picketlink.idm.model.basic package. The following sections provide examples that show these implementations in action.

5.2.1. Managing Users

The following code example demonstrates how to create a new user with the following properties:
  • Login name - jsmith
  • First name - John
  • Last name - Smith
  • E-mail -
  User user = new User("jsmith");
Once the User is created, it's possible to look it up using its login name:
  User user = BasicModel.getUser(identityManager, "jsmith");
User properties can also be modified after the User has already been created. The following example demonstrates how to change the e-mail address of the user we created above:
  User user = BasicModel.getUser(identityManager, "jsmith");
Users may also be deleted. The following example demonstrates how to delete the user previously created:
  User user = BasicModel.getUser(identityManager, "jsmith");