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14.10. 3rd party integration

Common scenario is to use Picketlink as both Identity Provider (IDP) and Service Provider (SP), but sometimes it may be useful to integrate with 3rd party vendors as well. If your company is using services provided by 3rd party vendors like SalesForce or Google Apps, then SSO with these vendors may be real benefit for you.
We support these scenarios:

14.10.1. Picketlink as IDP, Salesforce as SP

In first scenario we will use Salesforce as SAML SP and we will use Picketlink application as SAML IDP. In this tutorial, we will reuse application idp-sig.war from Picketlink quickstarts . Salesforce setup


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Please review the compiler error for Topic ID 30026 for more detailed information. Picketlink IDP setup

  • Download and import Salesforce certificate - SAMLRequest messages sent from Salesforce are signed with Salesforce certificate. In order to validate them, you need to download Salesforce client certificate from . Then you need to import the certificate into your keystore:
unzip -q /tmp/downloads/certificates/
keytool -import -keystore jbid_test_keystore.jks -file proxy-salesforce-com.123 -alias salesforce-cert
  • ValidatingAlias update - You need to update ValidatingAlias section, so the SAMLRequest from Salesforce will be validated with Salesforce certificate. You need to add the line into file idp-sig.war/WEB-INF/picketlink.xml :
<ValidatingAlias Key="" Value="salesforce-cert" />
  • Trusted domain - update list of trusted domains and add domain "" to the list:
</Trust> Single logout


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Please review the compiler error for Topic ID 30029 for more detailed information. Test the setup

  • Start the server with Picketlink IDP
  • Visit URL of your salesforce domain. It should be likely something like: . Now Salesforce will send SAMLRequest to your IDP and so you should be redirected to login screen on your IDP on http://localhost:8080/idp-sig/
  • Login into Picketlink IDP as user tomcat . After successful login, SAMLRequest signature is validated by the certificate salesforce-cert and IDP produces SAMLResponse for IDP and performs redirection.
  • Now Salesforce parse SAMLResponse, validates it signature with imported Picketlink certificate and then you should be redirected to salesforce and logged as user tomcat in your Salesforce domain. Troubleshooting

Salesforce provides simple tool in SSO menu, where you can see the status of last SAMLResponse sent to Salesforce SP and you can check what's wrong with the response here.
Good tool for checking communication between SP and IDP is also Firefox plugin SAML Tracer