Package org.jboss.resteasy.auth.oauth

Interface Summary
OAuthConsumerRegistration Registration of OAuth consumers
OAuthProvider Implement this interface to provide the RESTEasy servlets and filters with the knowledge to load and store OAuth Consumer, Request and Access Tokens.

Class Summary
OAuthConsumer Represents an OAuth Consumer.
OAuthDBProvider OAuth DB Provider.
OAuthFilter OAuth Servlet Filter that interprets OAuth Authentication messages to set the Principal and roles for protected resources.
OAuthMemoryProvider OAuthProvider that keeps all data in memory.
OAuthProviderChecker Used to make sure the OAuthProvider implementer does not return null values.
OAuthRequestToken Represents either an OAuth Access or Request Token.
OAuthServlet OAuth Http Servlet that handles Request Token creation and exchange for Access Tokens.
OAuthToken Represents either an OAuth Access or Request Token.
OAuthValidator OAuth Validator implementation to check OAuth Messages
URLUtils URL-encoding utility for each URL part according to the RFC specs

Exception Summary
OAuthException Use this exception to throw exceptions from your OAuthProvider to specify the HTTP status code

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