Package org.jboss.resteasy.links

Interface Summary
ELProvider Implement this interface to wrap, modify or extend RESTEasy's ELContext with your own variable or method resolvers.
ResourceFacade<T> Represents a facade for an entity which should still receive links for this entity even though this entity's instance is not available.

Class Summary
RESTServiceDiscovery This holds a list of atom links describing the REST service discovered.
RESTServiceDiscovery.AtomLink An Atom link

Annotation Types Summary
AddLinks Use on any JAX-RS method if you want RESTEasy to inject the RESTServiceDiscovery to every entity in the response.
LinkELProvider Use on your JAX-RS method, resource class or resource class' package to indicate that you have a custom ELProvider for any links added to this response's entity.
LinkResource Use this to mark JAX-RS methods that should be included in the REST service discovery.
LinkResources Allows you have a list of LinkResource on a single method.
ParentResource Marks an entity's parent which will be used to resolve any parent ID used in path parameters.
ResourceID Marks this property as this resource's ID in URI templates.
ResourceIDs Defines an ordered list of bean properties that defines this resource's ID in URI templates.

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