Interface Messages

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    public interface Messages
    $Revision: 1.1 $ Copyright Aug 25, 2015
    Ron Sigal
    • Method Detail

      • couldFindNoContentDispositionHeader

                 value="Could find no Content-Disposition header within part")
        String couldFindNoContentDispositionHeader()
      • couldNotParseContentDisposition

                 value="Could not parse Content-Disposition for MultipartFormData: {0}",
        String couldNotParseContentDisposition​( field)
      • dataSourceRepresentsXopMessagePart

                 value="This DataSource represents an incoming xop message part. Getting an OutputStream on it is not allowed.")
        String dataSourceRepresentsXopMessagePart()
      • exceptionWhileExtractionAttachment

                 value="Exception while extracting attachment with cid = %s from xop message to a byte[].")
        String exceptionWhileExtractionAttachment​(String cid)
      • hadToWriteMultipartOutput

                 value="Had to write out multipartoutput = {0} with writer = {1} but this writer can only handle {2}",
        String hadToWriteMultipartOutput​(MultipartOutput multipartOutput,
                                         AbstractMultipartWriter writer,
                                         Class<?> clazz)
      • noAttachmentFound

                 value="No attachment with cid = {0} (Content-ID = {1}) found in xop message.",
        String noAttachmentFound​(String cid,
                                 String contentId)
      • notMeantForStandaloneUsage

                 value="This provider and this method are not meant for stand alone usage.")
        String notMeantForStandaloneUsage()
      • receivedGenericType

                 value="Reader = {0} received genericType = {1}, but it is not instance of {2}",
        String receivedGenericType​(<?> reader,
                                   Type genericType,
                                   Class<?> clazz)
      • swaRefsNotSupported

                 value="SwaRefs are not supported in xop creation.")
        String swaRefsNotSupported()
      • unableToFindMessageBodyReader

                 value="Unable to find a MessageBodyReader for media type: {0} and class type {1}",
        String unableToFindMessageBodyReader​( mediaType,
                                             String type)
      • unableToGetBoundary

                 value="Unable to get boundary for multipart")
        String unableToGetBoundary()
      • urlDecoderDoesNotSupportUtf8

                 value=" does not support UTF-8 encoding")
        String urlDecoderDoesNotSupportUtf8()
      • urlEncoderDoesNotSupportUtf8

                 value=" does not support UTF-8 encoding")
        String urlEncoderDoesNotSupportUtf8()