Interface Messages

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    public interface Messages
    $Revision: 1.1 $ Copyright Aug 26, 2015
    Ron Sigal
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      • canOnlySetOneLinkHeaderParam

                 value="You can only set one of LinkHeaderParam.rel() and LinkHeaderParam.title() for on {0}.{1}",
        String canOnlySetOneLinkHeaderParam​(String className,
                                            String methodName)
      • cannotSetFormParameter

                 value="Cannot set a form parameter if entity body already set")
        String cannotSetFormParameter()
      • clientIsClosed

                 value="Client is closed.")
        String clientIsClosed()
      • clientProxyFor

                 value="Client Proxy for : %s")
        String clientProxyFor​(String className)
      • couldNotCreateURL

                 value="Could not create a URL for {0} in {1}.{2}",
        String couldNotCreateURL​(String uri,
                                 String className,
                                 String methodName)
      • couldNotDeleteFile

                 value="Marking file \'%s\' to be deleted, as it could not be deleted while processing request:")
        String couldNotDeleteFile​(String path)
      • couldNotFindMethod

                 value="Could not find a method for: %s")
        String couldNotFindMethod​(Method method)
      • couldNotProcessMethod

                 value="Could not process method %s")
        String couldNotProcessMethod​(Method method)
      • doesNotSpecifyTypeParameter

                 value="%s does not specify the type parameter T of GenericType<T>")
        String doesNotSpecifyTypeParameter​(TypeVariable<?> var)
      • entityAlreadyRead

                 value="The entity was already read, and it was of type %s")
        String entityAlreadyRead​(Class<?> clazz)
      • failedOnRegisteringClass

                 value="failed on registering class: %s")
        String failedOnRegisteringClass​(String className)
      • failedToBufferAbortedResponse

                 value="Failed to buffer aborted response")
        String failedToBufferAbortedResponse()
      • failedToBufferAbortedResponseNoWriter

                 value="Failed to buffer aborted response. Could not find writer for content-type {0} type: {1}",
        String failedToBufferAbortedResponseNoWriter​( mediaType,
                                                     String className)
      • getRequestCannotHaveBody

                 value="A GET request cannot have a body.")
        String getRequestCannotHaveBody()
      • inputStreamWasEmpty

                 value="Input stream was empty, there is no entity")
        String inputStreamWasEmpty()
      • linkWasNull

                 value="link was null")
        String linkWasNull()
      • methodWasNull

                 value="method was null")
        String methodWasNull()
      • mustDefineConsumesType

                 value="You must define a @Consumes type on your client method or interface, or supply a default")
        String mustDefineConsumesType()
      • mustSetLinkHeaderParam

                 value="You must set either LinkHeaderParam.rel() or LinkHeaderParam.title() for on {0}.{1}",
        String mustSetLinkHeaderParam​(String className,
                                      String methodName)
      • mustUseExactlyOneHttpMethod

                 value="You must use at least one, but no more than one http method annotation on: %s")
        String mustUseExactlyOneHttpMethod​(String methodName)
      • nameWasNull

                 value="name was null")
        String nameWasNull()
      • noTypeInformation

                 value="No type information to extract entity with.  You use other getEntity() methods")
        String noTypeInformation()
      • parametersWasNull

                 value="parameters was null")
        String parametersWasNull()
      • pathWasNull

                 value="path was null")
        String pathWasNull()
      • pleaseConsiderUnpdating

                 value="Please consider updating the version of Apache HttpClient being used.  Version 4.3.6+ is recommended.")
        String pleaseConsiderUnpdating()
      • proxyInterfaceWasNull

                 value="proxyInterface was null")
        String proxyInterfaceWasNull()
      • resourceWasNull

                 value="resource was null")
        String resourceWasNull()
      • resteasyClientProxyFor

                 value="Resteasy Client Proxy for : %s")
        String resteasyClientProxyFor​(String className)
      • streamIsClosed

                 value="Stream is closed")
        String streamIsClosed()
      • templateValuesEntryWasNull

                 value="templateValues entry was null")
        String templateValuesEntryWasNull()
      • templateValuesWasNull

                 value="templateValues was null")
        String templateValuesWasNull()
      • unableToInstantiate

                 value="Unable to create new instance of %s")
        String unableToInstantiate​(Class<?> clazz)
      • unableToInvokeRequest

                 value="Unable to invoke request: {0}",
        String unableToInvokeRequest​(String msg)
      • uriBuilderWasNull

                 value="uriBuilder was null")
        String uriBuilderWasNull()
      • uriWasNull

                 value="uri was null")
        String uriWasNull()
      • valueWasNull

                 value="value was null")
        String valueWasNull()
      • couldNotCloseHttpResponse

                 value="Could not close http response")
        String couldNotCloseHttpResponse()
      • unableToSetHttpProxy

                 value="Unable to set http proxy")
        String unableToSetHttpProxy()
      • nullParameter

                 value="Parameter annotated with %s cannot be null")
        String nullParameter​(String annotation)
      • unableToLoadClientConfigProviderConfiguration

                 value="Unable to load ClientConfigProvider configuration because uri is null")
        String unableToLoadClientConfigProviderConfiguration()
      • streamNotClosed

                 value="Stream has not been closed. Cannot create input stream from %s.")
        IllegalStateException streamNotClosed​(OutputStream out)
      • noContentTypeFound

                 value="No content type found in response. Cannot extract the response value.")
                   value={,java.lang.String.class}) noContentTypeFound​(@Param