Interface Messages

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    public interface Messages
    $Revision: 1.1 $ Copyright Aug 27, 2015
    Ron Sigal
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      • impossibleToGenerateJsapi

                 value="Impossible to generate JSAPI for subresource returned by method {0}.{1} since return type is not a static JAXRS resource type",
        String impossibleToGenerateJsapi​(String className,
                                         String methodName)
      • jsapiServletLoaded

                 value="JSAPIServlet loaded")
        String jsapiServletLoaded()
      • loadingJSAPIServlet

                 value="Loading JSAPI Servlet")
        String loadingJSAPIServlet()
      • overridingConsumes

                 value="Overriding @Consumes annotation in favour of application/x-www-form-urlencoded due to the presence of @FormParam")
        String overridingConsumes()
      • path

                 value="Path: %s")
        String path​(String uri)
      • query

                 value="Query %s")
        String query​(String query)
      • restApiUrl

                 value="REST.apiURL = \'%s\';")
        String restApiUrl​(String uri)
      • serving

                 value="Serving %s")
        String serving​(String pathinfo)
      • startJaxRsApi

                 value="// start REST API")
        String startJaxRsApi()
      • startResteasyClient

                 value="// start RESTEasy client API")
        String startResteasyClient()
      • thereAreNoResteasyDeployments

                 value="There are no Resteasy deployments initialized yet to scan from.  Either set the load-on-startup on each Resteasy servlet, or, if in an EE environment like JBoss or Wildfly, you\'ll have to do an invocation on each of your REST services to get the servlet loaded.")
        String thereAreNoResteasyDeployments()