Class JAXBXmlTypeProvider

  • All Implemented Interfaces:<Object>,<Object>, AsyncBufferedMessageBodyWriter<Object>, AsyncMessageBodyWriter<Object>
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    public class JAXBXmlTypeProvider
    extends AbstractJAXBProvider<Object>

    A JAXB entity provider that handles classes without XmlRootElement annotation. Classes which have been generated by XJC will most likely not contain this annotation, In order for these classes to marshalled, they must be wrapped within a JAXBElement instance. This is typically accomplished by invoking a method on the class which serves as the XmlRegistry and is named ObjectFactory.

    This provider is selected when the class is annotated with an XmlType annotation and not an XmlRootElement annotation.

    This provider simplifies this task by attempting to locate the XmlRegistry for the target class. By default, a JAXB implementation will create a class called ObjectFactory and is located in the same package as the target class. When this class is located, it will contain a "create" method that takes the object instance as a parameter. For example, of the target type is called "Contact", then the ObjectFactory class will have a method:

    public JAXBElement<Contact> createContact(Contact value);
    Ryan J. McDonough
    • Constructor Detail

      • JAXBXmlTypeProvider

        public JAXBXmlTypeProvider()
    • Method Detail

      • findObjectFactory

        public static Object findObjectFactory​(Class<?> type)
        Attempts to locate XmlRegistry for the XML type. Usually, a class named ObjectFactory is located in the same package as the type we're trying to marshall. This method simply locates this class and instantiates it if found.
        type - type class
        object factory instance
      • wrapInJAXBElement

        public static jakarta.xml.bind.JAXBElement<?> wrapInJAXBElement​(Object t,
                                                                        Class<?> type)
        If this object is managed by an XmlRegistry, this method will invoke the registry and wrap the object in a JAXBElement so that it can be marshalled.
        t - object to wrap
        type - type class
        jaxb element